Fort Air Partnership launches a regular Facebook presence

Posted on March 15, 2022

Our Airshed recently launched a new Facebook page that we hope all people interested in air quality in our region will connect to and follow. We will update the content regularly on the ambient air quality in our Airshed, provide helpful links to other air monitoring information around the province, promote the ways we can all contribute to preserving air quality, and much more.


People who have previously connected to our Airshed through Facebook may have followed us on our Fresh Air Experience Facebook page. We ask all followers of that Facebook page connect to our new Fort Air Partnership Facebook page at


We will be discontinuing the Fresh Air Experience Facebook page in the last part of March 2022.


Fresh Air Experience contest continues.

We look forward to carrying forward with another Fresh Air Experience campaign and contest in the spring of 2022. We will be continuing the Fresh Air Experience via our new Facebook page and Instagram. 


More content on Instagram as well.

Although we have had an Instagram presence for a while, we are now paying a lot more attention. Our content will be regularly updated on Instagram as well: