Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (EPA) is responsible for the development and review of provincial ambient air quality standards. It conducts audits of Heartland Air Monitoring Partnership to ensure we are complying with the provincial Air Monitoring Directive. We alert EPA whenever an air quality standard is exceeded. EPA also provides support and expertise on both our Board of Directors and the Technical Working Group. The Government of Alberta’s Environmental Hotline is 1-800-222-6514.

Based on the data we provide, EPA calculates an Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) rating on an hourly basis for Bruderheim, Gibbons, Fort Saskatchewan, Redwater, Lamont, Elk Island National Park and our Portable Station. The Government of Alberta owns two monitoring stations in the HAMP network and funds the operation of these stations.

Environment and Climate Change Canada forecasts the AQHI. It also supplies equipment for two of our continuous air monitoring stations.

Alberta Health Services defines the health risks associated with various AQHI ratings and determines if health advisories are required due to poor air quality. They are also a member of our Board of Directors.

Northeast Capital Industrial Association is our largest funder. The organization and its members share their expertise to better the region’s environmental and economic footprint and to support a sustainable and vibrant region. They also provide support and expertise to both our Board of Directors and our Technical Working Group.

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association represents the Counties of Lamont, Strathcona and Sturgeon, as well as the City of Fort Saskatchewan and the City of Edmonton.  They provide a link to these municipalities and provide representation on our Board of Directors. They also provide funding support for our communications and outreach activities.

Heartland Air Monitoring Partnership is one of four partners within Life in the Heartland. The organization provides a coordinated approach to improve resident awareness of and access to information, resources, and contacts about topics related to operations and industrial development in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. This includes news and information about air quality in the region.

The Alberta Airsheds Council identifies and advocates for common interests of the province’s 10 Airsheds. Heartland Air Monitoring Partnership is a member of the Council, which facilitates communication and cooperation between Airsheds, and between Airsheds and stakeholders.