Live Air Quality Data Interactive Map

Welcome to our Live Air Quality Data feed, where you can access near real time hourly readings for our continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations and PurpleAir sensors.  You can also access monthly average results from our passive monitors. You can compare readings to one-hour provincial objectives where an objective exists.

Click anywhere on the map to get started.

We monitor for 18 substances that are known to be emitted by various sources in the Airshed. Thirteen of the substances we monitor have Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives. We also monitor for several weather conditions like temperature, wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity and barometric pressure.

Things to remember:

  • Data is reported to Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year long. Readings may appear to be an hour behind as a result of Daylight Savings Time during the summer months.
  • Station data on this live data site is available for 90 days prior to today’s date.
  • Data is indicative of ambient conditions but it is raw data that has not yet gone through our data validation process. Once data is validated it is stored in the Alberta Air Data Warehouse.
  • If there are data breaks in the charts, it means data was not recorded for that time period. This may be due to daily or monthly calibration checks or scheduled equipment maintenance conducted at the time.
  • The substances and meteorological conditions we track are not the same for all stations. Ammonia, for example, is tracked at three stations and nitrogen dioxide at all 10 stations. For a complete list of stations and what substances they monitor, click here.
  • From time to time data points may be removed after they have been found to be in error due to instrument malfunction.
  • Negative numbers (except temperatures) that may appear have not been referenced to a daily zero check.
  • To close a station or passive monitor box, click on the “x” at the top left hand corner.
  • Data for passives is reported as a monthly average. (i.e. one data point per month).
  • To see PurpleAir sensor data, click the purple icon on the map and then click on the circled number. The PurpleAir sensor colour scale is from 1 to 100+. This a micrograms per cubic metre measure. However, the colour coding next to the numbers corresponds to the Air Quality Health Index, which uses a scale of 1-10+.