Northern Alberta Forest Fires Causing Fluctuating Air Quality Locally

Posted on May 28, 2015

Wildfires burning in northern Alberta are resulting in fluctuating Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) readings in Fort Air Partnership’s (FAP) airshed. An Alberta Health Services air quality health advisory was issued May 26 for the region due to smoky conditions. Readings this week at FAP’s air quality monitoring stations have ranged from low to high risk at the four FAP continuous monitoring stations where data is collected for the AQHI calculation. These stations are Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont County, Bruderheim, and Elk Island Park.

As a public service, FAP displays current and forecast AQHI readings on the homepage of its website. The public can also look up a near real time live date feed for any substance tracked by all eight of FAP’s continuous air monitoring stations.

Local residents are encouraged to check FAP’s website often for current and forecast air quality conditions. General health guidelines for the public regarding AQHI readings, the corresponding levels of risk, and what activities are appropriate given the risk are also on the website. FAP also post links to air quality health advisories when they occur.