Q4 Air Quality Results Released

Posted on January 31, 2023

From October through December 2022, Fort Air Partnership (FAP) recorded 12,597 hours of air monitoring data for use in calculating the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) at seven stations in our Airshed.

  • 11,387 (or 90.3%) of the hours were of low-risk AQHI. 
  • 1,179 (or 9.4%) of the hours were moderate-risk AQHI.
  • 31 hours (or .002%) were high or very high-risk AQHI.

Summary of Exceedances

There were (27) one-hour and (25) 24-hour Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAAQO) exceedances from October to December 2022. All were for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) except for (1) one-hour exceedance for hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

Meteorological conditions, a controlled burn at Elk Island National Park, and wintertime temperature inversions caused the vast majority of the exceedances.

Air quality measurements are compared continuously to both one and 24-hour AAAQOs. An exceedance of an AAAQO is reported to the Alberta Government, and the likely cause of the exceedance is investigated.

For more details: October to December report air monitoring report.