Q2 Air Quality Results Released

Posted on July 26, 2022

Fort Air Partnership (FAP), the organization that monitors the air local residents breathe, released 2022 second quarter Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) results today. The Government of Alberta calculates the AQHI using data collected at seven of FAP’s air monitoring stations.

Results show that AQHI in the Airshed was of low risk to health at least 98% of the time for April, May, and June. There were zero hours of high or very high AQHI rating for the calendar quarter. Risk to health increases as the index level rises.


Hours with a High or Very High Risk AQHI Rating


Comparison to 2022 Q2 Results 

In comparing results from the 2022 second quarter to the 2021 second quarter, there were less moderate risk level hours in 2022 than in 2021 (102 in 2022 compared to 153 in 2021). There was only one hour of high AQHI rating for the second quarter in 2021 compared to zero in 2022.


Summary of Exceedances

Air quality measurements are compared continuously to both one and 24-hour Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAAQO). Any exceedance of an AAAQO is reported to the Alberta Government and the likely cause of the exceedance investigated. The following table details what substances exceeded an AAAQO, when they occurred and if it can be determined, the likely cause.

For further details: 2022 Q2 Air Monitoring Results