Bruderheim Air Monitoring Station on the Move

Posted on February 17, 2016

Bruderheim Air Monitoring Station on the Move

Fort Air Partnership’s continuous air monitoring station in Bruderheim is moving to make way for new commercial development in the town centre. The station will remain in town though, moving to a location just north of Bruderheim School on 48 Street, about 650 metres from its present location.

The move is scheduled to be made on Tuesday, March 1. The Town of Bruderheim is generously providing the new site without lease costs to Fort Air Partnership, a not-for-profit air monitoring society, and working closely with FAP to organize the move.

“Power disruption, equipment recalibration and other issues associated with the move will interrupt data collection for about three days,” advised Nadine Blaney, Executive Director. She noted they are working closely with town officials and contractors to minimize down time and that provincial government officials have been notified.

The Bruderheim station has been part of Fort Air Partnership’s air monitoring network since 2010. The station collects data on nine substances including sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, total hydrocarbons, non-methane hydrocarbons, methane, oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter, as well as weather information. This data enables a current and forecast Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to be calculated for the local area.

As a public service, AQHI readings for Bruderheim and stations in Lamont County, Fort Saskatchewan and Elk Island National Park are posted on The public can also access a near real time live date feed on the website for any substance tracked by the airshed’s continuous air monitoring stations.

Fort Air Partnership monitors the air local residents breathe in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The collection and reporting on substances that affect air quality is transparent, guided by an expert scientific advisory group, and driven by national and provincial standards.