Audit of FAP’s air monitors concluded

Posted on February 19, 2013

The Alberta government conducted its most recent annual audit of Fort Air Partnership’s monitoring stations October 15 – 19, 2012. The auditor conducted a total of 191 tests on 52 critical items (e.g. measurements by analyzers, other items critical to operation). Using those 191 test points, the audit found 4 devices that required correction. The audit formally concluded December 20, 2012.

What do these results mean?

These are very good results. Two of the device errors resulted from wind sensor alignments that were easily corrected and the other two were due to equipment issues that were dealt with immediately after the audit was finished.

In addition to the audit of critical items, the audit also assessed another 66 non-critical items (e.g. relative humidity, temperature inside trailers) and found 3 areas of improvement, which have also been addressed.

Audits are designed to ensure all equipment is operating correctly and producing valid data. They are a regular part of FAP’s comprehensive quality assurance program and provide feedback that allows continuous improvement to the monitoring program.

Two of the errors resulted in a minimal loss of data. However, with the high volume of credible data that continues to be generated on a minute to minute basis, the monitoring program provides an accurate overall picture of what the air quality is like in the region. Fort Air Partnership has a total of 62 monitors that measure 25 different substances and meteorological conditions. This airshed is one of the most monitored areas in Alberta.